We were assigned to create a posture meter that tracks you’re posture. When you ever start to slouch over the posture meter will beep at you and tell you. This project has required lots of different skill sets that are very challenging. The project requires lots of sewing  and completing circuits successfully.   I think the hardest part of the project so far is sewing the different parts of the fabric together and tying knots around the needle is very hard for me. Iv’e done most of the sewing for the posture meter. I have started to get a lot better at sewing though and It has gotten easier the more I’ve done it. We have even done coding in this project for the buzzing of the device and it worked out great. Every time you bend the piece of fabric the device buzzes and it will let you know when your posture is a little bent.

Posture Meter project
This was the coding for the project
Posture Meter Project 2
This was the finished product but we still need to put it in a shirt then its complete.