This Unit was about Cell division and how Mitosis and Meiosis work. We did many things to learn about meiosis. We played a learning game called Kahoot which really helped me learn the information. We took notes in a packet for further studying. We reviewed the items in class many times. We worked on many different worksheets and we corrected them when we were finished. My overall performance on this assessment was very good. I got a 96 on the test and I feel like I know the information very well. When I was correcting my test and didn’t directly find the answers in my notes. I had to read through my notes and figure out what the answer was. The notes gave me a lead forward but didn’t give me the direct answer. I felt like I know the information very well and there isn’t much to improve. I would say the only reason I didn’t get a 100 on the test is because I didn’t read the question all the way through.