This class has been a blast this semester and iv’e learned a lot from this class. The cognitive gearing skill I feel like iv’e improved the most is my craftsmanship skills. Iv’e come a long way from the beginning of this semester with that skill. In the beginning of the class I didn’t pay much attention to craftsmanship or how neat I was when I was building something. Recently, the last couple projects we did I payed a lot of attention to how neat I was and it really payed off at the end. My last project is a great example of how my craftsmanship has improved. Our last project was very neat and organized because our whole group payed attention to our craftsmanship skills. Overall, I think my craftsmanship has improved greatly. I saw, the more I created and built things, the more I noticed I could make it better or improve on it. I began to feel more engaged towards the end of the class because I started to understand what made a good craftsman.

The next cognitive gearing skill I felt like I improved on greatly is my Idea Exchange skills. At the beginning of the class, I was very quiet and didn’t share my ideas with other group members. I really regret holding my ideas back. Iv’e began to feel more open to share my ideas and some of my ideas have really made good projects. The more I share my ideas with other people the better I get at explaining what I am thinking and whats going through my head. Overall, my Idea Exchange skills have improved since the beginning of the year but I still need work on getting my Idea out there a little more often.

Fabrication is a cognitive gearing skill that I feel like I need more work on. I’m not good at planning out what to do or what our next situation should be. I’m not good at creating a work process or schedule for what to do next. I feel like I haven’t improved much on this skill but i’m planning to in the future. Overall, this is definitely a skill that is hard for me to grasp on to. I’m not good at planning ahead or creating a work process for myself.

Observation and Judgement is another one of those skills I haven’t yet grasped on to. I’m not good at recognizing patterns with different projects. From the beginning of the semester till now, I feel like I haven’t improved on this skill much. Iv’e tried many times to recognize a consistent pattern with different projects. It’s hard for me to recognize patterns in projects. Overall, this is another one of those skills I haven’t understood yet. I’ve tried to see patterns but Observation and Judgement is hard for me to understand.

Finally, this semester in this class has been a very good experience for me and it was very fun at the same time. The self-assessments, I really liked.  Although I didn’t like to write them, at the end when I was done writing, I could look back from what I learned and what I did. This was really cool to see what happened in the process and what adversity we had to fight through the process. I got to see what the process was when creating the build. Lastly, I think the self-assessments were a great addition to this class and I think you should keep on doing them. Looking back to see what you have improved on has helped me in this class. Iv’e to see what iv’e been doing wrong and improve on it. This was an amazing class this semester and I would recommend it to anyone.