We were first assigned to build an LED board. More than half way through the project, something went wrong with the connection and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. We stopped the project and we were assigned to build an Infinity table. This table basically has an LED strip below the upper glass mirror and there is glass below the LED strip so it creates an illusion when you look at it. The glass has a mirror film over it to make the mirror like illusion. We hand cut the glass with a glass cutter and we used a cutting oil made for glass cutting. This project was simple and we completed it within a class period. The LED board was much more detailed than the Infinity mirror. There was a lot of craftsmanship in this project because it was a table and it needed to look good. Our finished project is a very sleek design. There is definitely things to make the craftsmanship to look better. The film over the glass has little bubbles on it that are very noticeable and they catch your attention. Also, the glass could of been cut cleaner but overall cutting the glass wasn’t easy. Our table looks very good but there is always room for improvements.

As you can tell in the photo of the table itself, there is an illusion that makes it look like the table goes down to the ground but it actually doesn’t. The two mirrors reflect the light back and forth which makes it look that way.  
Infinity Mirror
This is a picture with the top of the glass mirror taken off. This is the inside of the table which has the LED strip sandwiched together by two glass mirrors.